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[29 Jul 2009|01:35pm]
[ mood | groggy ]

I will never forget the face of death.
White, frozen and unexplainable.
Its over now it hasn't hit me yet and maybe it wont.
Its hard to imagine her gone, maybe its because I have said goodbye so long ago.
It doest feel empty, just missing reason for being here.
I am still here waiting for someone to pick up a hospital bed.
I'm here sleeping, eating and living in a house where there is no life anymore.
I just want to go home and sleep for a whole day. Getting up at 3 in the morning is exhausting.
I'm going to miss her and I am so happy she is out of pain and finaly home where she has been asking me to take her for so long.
She wrote me a short letter telling me thank you and that I will be a great nurse. She said she loved me and that I will always be an angel to her.
She wrote me a check for 2,000$ for school.
I just want to go home now.
bed is calling my name.

Just Broken Hearts

[03 Nov 2008|08:35am]
[ mood | cold ]

My mom is dying.

i feel myself slipping away.

time is not on our side.

i don't know what to do anymore.

i feel so fragile.

Just Broken Hearts

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